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Taskulu fits game development workflow perfectly

Collaborate on your tasks

Taskulu provides one of the most flexible and easy to use task management systems. The flexibility and features of Taskulu make it a perfect fit for task management in game development projects: Easily create tasks, categorize them into sheets (levels) and lists, assign them to your team members, set deadlines, share files and see the progress.

Track work time

Keeping track of the time spent on each task and project is essential for managing costs and deadlines and providing estimations. Taskulu helps you easily keep track the time spent on tasks, generate customized reports and calculate project costs, while giving you the information you need to optimize your workflow and increase your productivity.

Communicate in real-time

Real-time communication significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of online collaboration. With Taskulu you can chat with your team members in real time in different chat rooms or send direct messages to a specific person, mention team members and tasks, and create tasks from your conversations.

Connect your apps

Game development is a complex process and requires using multiple tools for managing the workflow, communication and collaboration. Taskulu has deep, 2-way integrations with many tools used in game development and makes using all these tools together a breeze.

Keep all teams inside the same project

Software engineers, artists, sound engineers, scenarist, marketers and testers are some of the teams working on a typical game. Having all of them inside the same project makes it confusing and difficult for them to work, and not having them inside the same project makes it difficult to manage everything and see the progress.
Taskulu fixes that by letting you easily define these teams within your projects while preventing information overload by giving each team access to the related parts of the project. You on the other hand, see everything in one place and can easily track the progress and follow the workflow.

Our customers

Innovative and productive teams use Taskulu to build highly successful games

What our customers say about us

We've been using Taskulu for some months now and it already feels like a vital part of our workflow. It boosted our productivity from every point of view - especially the time-tracking feature raised our efficiency. We can't imagine working without Taskulu.
Slawa Deisling Cofounder at Behind The Stone
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