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Secure Collaboration

Taskulu understands that trust and security are the most important requirements of online collaboration in marketing industry. With Taskulu you can give your team an online collaboration platform to increase productivity, decrease data loss and improve governance.

Task Management

Taskulu provides one of the most flexible and easy to use task management systems and makes it easy to manage projects of any size: Whether you’re working on a side project with 5 team members, or have 100 people working on an international project, Taskulu will help you increase your productivity and improve collaboration.

Timesheet Management

Keeping track of the time spent on each project is essential for managing costs. Taskulu makes keeping track the time spent on each task, generating customized reports and calculating project costs a breeze and helps you keep things under control.

Real-time chat

Real-time communication significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of online collaboration. With Taskulu chat with your team members in real time in different chat rooms,, mention tasks, and create tasks from your conversations.

Deep Integrations

Our goal is to make Taskulu the central hub of accessing the tools you use on a daily basis – from office automation and calendars to online storage and customer support systems. Get more out of your time and other tools you use with deep, 2-way Taskulu integrations.

Access Controls

Define fine grained access controls and keep everyone and everything related to your projects in one place, while making sure that your data is safe, the project is kept under wraps and no one gets confused with information overload.

Our Customers

Leading marketing agencies use Taskulu to create and deliver award winning content.

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