Taskulu for Software Development

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Collaborate Securely

Taskulu provides a flexible, easy to use and highly secure workspace for your team. Easily create tasks, categorize them into sheets (levels) and lists, assign them to your team members, set deadlines, share files and see the progress.

Communicate in real time

Real-time communication significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of online collaboration. With Taskulu you can chat with your team in chat rooms, send direct messages, mention team members & tasks, and create tasks from your messages.

Keep track of your timesheets

Taskulu helps you keep track the time spent on each task, filter timelogs and generate customized reports, and gives you the information you need to optimize your workflow and increase your productivity.

Connect your toolset

Committing some changes to the code and want to update the related task? Have an open merge request that needs attention? Taskulu has deep integrations with the tools you already use and love that help make your workflow much more streamlined.

Streamline external team management

Are you working in a distributed team? Taskulu is the best way for you to manage your projects. You can easily define teams in your projects and set granular access controls for each team to prevent confusion and increase security.

Improve client relations

Simply add your clients to the project, create a team and set appropriate access controls. They’ll be able to see the progress and provide feedback, without seeing all the complex technical details.

Our customers

Small and large software development companies use Taskulu to collaborate

What our customers say about us

Using Taskulu at Faranesh has resulted in tremendous increase in our team performance. One of the main reasons of our performance jump after switching to Taskulu is the intuitive interface and flexibility that comes with Taskulu.
Mohammad Rashidi CEO at Faranesh
Taskulu is one of the few project planning tools that can easily handle a 50-person team keeping things really simple. Using it at Anetwork not only improved our team productivity, but also increased our workflow transparency.
Shayan Shalileh CEO at Anetwork
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