Taskulu Self-Hosted

Host Taskulu on your own servers and take full control over your data and security.

On Premise Taskulu Benefits

Stay Secure

Hosting Taskulu on your own servers gives you full control over your data and how it is accessed. Data in transfer is carried out via an SSL connection and all data at rest is also encrypted.

  • Two factor autnetication (SMS and Google Authenticator).
  • SSL encrypted connections with 256 bit keys.
  • RSA encryption
  • Web app firewalls
  • Custom backup schedules
  • Backup encryption

Work without interruption

With clustered database servers and load balanced webservers minimize downtime and increase team productivity. Simply add more pods and scale Taskulu up and down easily – just like you can do on cloud.

Customize for your needs

  • Localize to any language
  • RESTful APIs
  • Easy to integrate with any external service (ERP, File management, etc)
  • Branding (logo, colors schemes, etc)

Easy deployment and maintenance

Taskulu is quite easy to deploy and maintain – simply import the Taskulu VM image and use the built in admin interface to adjust configuration and deploy updates.

  • OVA VMware image (runs on Linux or Windows virtual machine)
  • OVA VirtualBox image (runs on Linux, Windows or MacOS)

1000’s of organizations are using Taskulu everyday.

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