Taskulu Analytics

Understand what's going on below the surface through quantitative reports. Detect issues and bottlenecks before they turn into sources of critical delays, and increase the productivity of your team or organization with a data-driven approach.

To use Taskulu Analytics, you need to upgrade to Business or Dedicated plan.
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Time To Resolve Report

Find out the average, minimum and maximum time spent on tasks. Get instights on your best performing employees, identify the pratices they implement, and share their valuable expertise with other employees.

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Deadlines Report

Investigate how your team fares at finishing the job on time. Follow the number of overdue tasks to on time ones, and identify and obviate causes of delay, before they turn into critical bottlenecks.

Progress Report

Find out the progress of your projects, based on finished and remained tasks. Estimate project’s completion time with great precision, using the progress curve.

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Filter all reports by project, members and type of work

Want to find out who performs better on a certain type of work? Or on what types of work you have the most delay? Filter all reports in Taskulu analytics by project, member and tags to get a detailed view of your organization’s performance.

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