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Taskulu Analytics

Taskulu Analytics provides valuable insights to help managers learn about their teams in-depth.  All dimensions of the project use quantitative reports. Identify issues and bottlenecks before they become critical delays, and increase the team's productivity with a data-driven approach.

تحلیل گر
Time to resolve by member

Time To Resolve Reports

You can review the average, minimum, and maximum time spent on tasks. See which employees and teams are performing the best. Categorize the insights by projects, members, or allocated tags to evaluate the team's productivity from different angles. 

Deadline by project


Investigate how your team is doing at finishing tasks on time. Track the number of overdue assignments compared to on-time ones, identify and prevent causes of delay before they turn into critical bottlenecks.

Progress by project

Work Progress Report

Learn about the progress of your projects by acknowledging finished and remaining tasks. The progress curve graph helps you estimate completions with utmost precision.

Filter reports

Drill Down Reports Using Filters

Want to know which team members are performing better? Or in which tasks they have more delays? Filter all reports in Taskulu analytics by projects, members, or allocated tags to evaluate the team's productivity from different angles. 

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