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Build and Manage Startups from Scratch to Finish with Taskulu

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Get an Overview on Tasks

Remove growth barriers by creating different projects and to-do lists. Effortlessly learn from your mistakes by pivoting and initiating new strategies and plans, adapting your product to the market, and editing and changing lists and tasks.

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Get New Members on Board

Building a successful team starts from day one. Introduce them to their role in the project and the organization's rules by creating lists of new team members. Establish a sense of family to newcomers by sharing goals, history, and team values. As you move forward, update your lists so that new members are on the same page as their teams from the start.

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Build a Simple CRM

Create simple pipelines for customers from initial contact, to sales, and contract using Taskulu lists. Save each customer's contacts and details as one task. Manage your sales plan by setting the delivery date and the person responsible for delivery. Set up this customer service management system for support systems and other similar systems.

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Manage Your Office

As a startup founder, you have many responsibilities, such as internal office management. Efficiently manage the company's internal events and enlist your team members' help to get things done faster and build trust and cohesion within the team. Purchase the requested goods easily without forgetting to keep your office dynamic.

Join the thousands of startups using Taskulu.

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