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To speed up using Taskulu you can use keyboard shortcuts. To see how it works, click on your avatar and then click on "Keyboard shortcuts". Additional descriptions for some of these shortcuts: Assign task (SPACE): You can follow two methods in order to assign the task to yourself: The first method...
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Currently, it's not possible for users to change owner of an organization or a project. To do this, the current owner must declare his request in the support chat, and the support team will take care of it. This displacement does not cause any changes in the system or the project, but only changes...
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I Don't get Desktop Notifications
You may not notice the activation of desktop notifications at your first entry into Taskulu, or you might have turned off desktop notifications in the settings of your browser. In your first login, Taskulu will ask if you’d like to get desktop notifications. There is a “later” option and if you...
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If you ever forget your password, you can change your password using the email that you created your Taskulu Account with. To do this, you must have access to your email because the link to change your password is sent to your email. First go to Login/Register page. Then click on the forgot password...
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Which Taskulu plan is better for us?
You can use our various plans depending on the tools you need to get your tasks done. You can also find out how many organizations or projects you need by reading setting up project. The plans in Taskulu are basic, premium, business, and dedicated. Up to thirty days after registration, you can use...
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How to manage user access and permissions in Taskulu?
There are so many ways that you can limit your team member's access: From managing everything to seeing a single task Admins and owner can view and manage everything. Viewer can see everything without permission of making any changes.And you can create teams with customized access according to your...
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Why the time and date I set in Taskulu is shown wrong?
If your computer or your phone is set on a wrong date or time, the deadline you set with them will be wrong as well. We recommend you to set your date and time on automatic. How to Change Time Zone Here is a quick help on how to do this: First open Control Panel on your computer. Then click on Clock...
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Why my page doesn't load completely?
Sometimes when you open a task or a project or any other page in Taskulu, You may not see the whole page completely loaded. The reason might be one the following: The quality of your internet connectionDelay in your internal servers (for enterprise plan)Your browser's cache To solve the browser's...
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Markdown texts in Taskulu
In the descriptions and comments section of each task, you can use the Text Editor and style your text. Click on the description and comments section to display this editor. Hover over each option to see what each section of the editor does. This editor has not been added to the chat rooms yet.
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What is privacy page?
Security Our servers are located in Softlayer Frankfurt datacenter in Germany (Zenium Frankfurt One). We have multiple servers ready for high availability so if one of the servers go down, the service doesn’t get interrupted. We also have storage servers in London, Singapore and Dallas where we keep...
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I want to Delete my Account
Deleting Your Taskulu Account It is not yet possible for users to delete their accounts in Taskulu , but we are going to add this feature in the future. In the meantime, if you want your account to be deleted, please send us an email to Please notice that deleting your account...
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