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Manage Design, Graphics, and Art Projects with Taskulu

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Increase Team Efficiency

The flexibility and ease of working with Taskulu keep you well informed about the design teams and work process. Define tasks from idea to output by adding checklists. Stay in touch with team members step-by-step. Determine the responsibility for each task, set deadlines, hotspots, and manage progress.

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Easily Set Time-logs

Predicting the time spent on tasks and projects, managing costs, and delivering work on time are always top concerns for design projects. Record the time spent on each task, report, and calculate project development costs. You will achieve increased efficiency, optimized budget spending, and improved workflows.

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Keep in Touch with Your Team

Minimize current and future misunderstandings between team members by having consistent and effective communication. Our team communication tools will be increasing your team productivity through Taskulu video communication and various chat rooms. Send private messages to your team members. Mention members and tasks in messages and easily create jobs from your conversations.

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Awesome Integrations

Developing and producing an art project, such as a game or animation, requires various tools. Taskulu is compatible with many communication and work management tools and is two-way deeply integrated. Using Taskulu makes it easy for you and your team. 

Keep teams together

Coordinate with All Development Teams

Artists, sound engineers, storytellers, marketers, designers, and various individuals and teams are involved in an art projects. Managing and coordinating with several teams and their members is a daunting task. In many cases, the project's lack of coordination causes the delivery to be delayed. At Taskulu, however, you can define different teams and their level of access, involve everyone in the work process, and as a project manager, ensure that things get done on time.

Managing Graphic Projects Is Easy With Taskulu

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Active Companies in the Field of Game Development 

Many Creative Game Development Companies are Using Taskulu for Developing Award Winning Games

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