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Calculate Time-logs

It does not matter if you are a freelancer or a large team; with the ability to record spent hours on each task, you can easily track time-logs. Project managers can collectively report the project's overall progress and have a perspective on the team's performance. With the help of the Taskulu Time To Resolve report, you know exactly how long it took to complete each task. You can also individually/collectively export timesheets for members.

سطوح دسترسی

Determine Access Levels

Define different access levels for your team members to ensure they have their correct working desk, while you have all the tasks and related members in one place in order to manage projects more efficiently.



One of the constant concerns in a large project is finding a file, important information, or a piece of conversation. The Taskulu search engine makes finding things easy as your project and conversations grow. With Taskulu Search, you can find projects, tasks, messages, and work schedules by a full-text search or a simple filter search.

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Breaking Down Large Tasks

If you manage a large project consisting of different sections and components, Taskulu helps you to turn it into separate sections, lists, tasks, and checklists.

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Taskulu has been integrated with major software and tools to help you increase productivity. With these integrations, Taskulu becomes the hub for your daily activities.

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