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Taskulu is your control room for managing individual and team projects.

Manage your projects and collaborate with your team online

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Why Taskulu?

Keep teams together

Manage All Your Teams

It doesn't matter if you are the manager of a company with more than a thousand employees or a freelancer; you will move your projects forward faster with Taskulu.

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Full View of All Your Projects

Easily collaborate and communicate with your teams and get a comprehensive view of all your projects and team communication in one place.

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One Tool to Cover All Your Needs

Task management, team messaging, video and audio calls, time tracking, and much more. Get everything you need to manage and communicate with your teams in one place.

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All Your Projects, Safe and Secure

At Taskulu, we secure and protect the information of over 200,000 customers worldwide with complete transparency and 24/7 support.

More than 250,000 projects are managed by Taskulu

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How does Taskulu help you?

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Manage Tasks and Teams

Remain agile while you and your team scale new task management heights. Identify each team’s tasks and members, while having an overview of individual progress. Structure and break down the tasks by creating checklists, and easily collaborate with other team members.

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Talk Online and Set Meetings

Coordinate by continuous communication using audio/video calls, chatroom conversations, text messages, and comments. Taskulu provides a premier structure for effective and agile teamwork meetings and communications.

Deadline by project

View Project Insights and Analytics

Review insights for all project performances. Taskulu is your management assistant, helping you create instant reports about team members, tasks, and projects.

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Keep Track of Working Hours

If you need to record and manage team members' working hours, Taskulu will meet your expectations by offering a built-in time-log system.



Search the Entire Experience

Search through your projects and conversations. Taskulu provides a slick search feature to help you quickly access the information you need.

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Connect though Integrations

Do you need to attach a unique tool to Taskulu? Dropbox, Google Drive, GitLab, GitHub, and many other tools are integrated into Taskulu.

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