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Task Management

The Taskulu Task Manager page is an all-in-one tool for increasing project management productivity. It does not matter what purpose or industry you use it for, whether you define a personal project or manage an organization. On this page, you can visually see the progress of projects and manage them.

مدیریت کارها

Have you struggled with keeping track of tasks or staying on top of their status? All the great features of Taskulu will make this easy!

ساختاردهی کارها

Structure Your Tasks and Projects

Oversee complex projects and various teams by breaking them down into boards, pages, lists and tasks.



ایجاد چک لیست

Create Checklists

Break down tasks into executive steps. Create a checklist for all phases of a task and monitor their progress.

ایجاد زمان تحویل

Create Delivery Time and Delivery Person

Consider the delivery time and delivery person for each task. Taskulu accompanies you to completion, reminding you of assignments and progress and not letting anything fall behind.



Collaborate with Other Project Members

As a task progresses, you can leave comments and explanations for it. Read and share the opinions of others.

ساختاردهی کارها

Manage Your Project with any System or Framework

It does not matter which team or individual project management system or framework you use. The task management system platform in Taskulu gives you the power to use any method you prefer.


Categorize Tasks with Different Tags

Reduce confusion between team members by tagging different tasks and visualizing them.

More than 4 million tasks have been done at Taskulu.

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