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Deleting Organization

Reading time 1 Minutes

If you want to delete an organization, you should close that organization first.

The owner of the organization is the only person who can delete it. If you are not the owner, you can leave the organization.

If you delete an organization, all the subprojects in that organization will also be deleted. You can change the project's organization before you delete an organization, or get an export from project.

Once you've closed the organization, open the Closed Projects page.

Find the organization, click on the "Settings" and select the "Delete Organization".

For deleting, you must write the name of the organization in the box, then the delete button will be activated and you can delete the organization.

If you delete your organization, you can't undo this action.

 After deleting an oeganization, all of its data will be deleted and you can never have access to themOpen configuration options