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What is privacy page?

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Our servers are located in Softlayer Frankfurt datacenter in Germany (Zenium Frankfurt One). We have multiple servers ready for high availability so if one of the servers go down, the service doesn’t get interrupted. We also have storage servers in London, Singapore and Dallas where we keep encrypted daily backups. This ensures that we won’t lose the backups in case of natural disasters.

Softlayer has a whole department dedicated to compliance and works with independent auditors and third-party organizations to meet the industry’s most stringent guidelines.

Taskulu Privacy Policy

Everything you post on Taskulu is your data and only available to the people you have added to your project. We’re simply the keepers of your data; Each project contains its own data and the project owners can define access controls within their projects to specify which data each project member may access.

Please review our full privacy policy for more details.Open configuration options