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Setting up Github Commits Integration

Reading time 1 Minutes

Enabling the integration

1.First, enable the Github integration from your project's integration settings.

2. After enabling the integration you will get a url.

3. Go to your Github's repository settings.

4. Go to the "Webhooks & Services" section.

5. Add the obtained url from the second step and make sure that the "Just the push event" option is selected.

6. Click on the "Add webhook" button

All done!

Using the integration

1.Let's assume that we have a task.

2. When you're making a git commit, copy the task's url and paste it in the commit message (you can paste as many task urls as you want), also in your commit message, you can specify the task's status right after your task url (e.g. [Done]).

3. Push the changes to your Github repository.

4. A comment containing the commit's message and url will get created on the specified tasks.

Also if you specify a status, the task's status will be updated.