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Using Taskulu with Google Drive

Reading time 1 Minutes

Google Drive is a cloud storage service provided by Google, which is used for saving and sharing files.

By enabling this integration, you link your Taskulu account with your Google account. This means that when you upload a file to your project in Taskulu, it will be automatically saved to your Google Drive. If you upload a file to Google Drive , it also will be available to your Taskulu project.

  • The project owner needs to enable an integration first, so other members of the project could enable it as well.

For using Taskulu with Google Drive, go to the project settings and in the integrations tab, find Google Drive. You need to click on connect then switch the button on. 

Now, If you open your Google Drive account, you could find a folder named Taskulu. Whenever you enable Google Drive integration for one of your projects, a folder with the project's title is being created, where all the sheets, lists and tasks have their own separate folder.

All the files that are already in that project will be uploaded to the project's folder in your Google Drive account.

You could also upload files you have in your Google Drive, to your tasks in Taskulu . You just need to open task modal and select choose File.