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The easiest way to find atask in your Taskulu projects is to use search filters.

The search bar can be used for:


  • Searching for tasks by task title.
  • Filtering tasks using predefined filters.
  • Searching in task conversations.

In Home Page, you could only search in the title of your projects.

Searching for tasks by task title

Any text entered in the search box will be used for a text search on task titles by default.

Filtering tasks using predefined filters

By using predefined filters, you could find your tasks faster and easier.

Search filters in Taskulu

Search by Assignment: Use this if you want to see the tasks assigned to the different members of your project.

Search by Section: By using this filter you could choose to see tasks in different sections, to-do , doing or done, or your customized sections.

Search by Due Date : Just click on the Due Date and choose the dates.

Search by Label and tag: By using this filter you could choose to see all your tasks with the same label. You could also select a tag and see all the tasks with that tag.

Search in Attachments, Comments, And Everywhere You Have a Notifications

Here you can make your search more accurate, for example search in tasks with attachments or search in comments, you can also search notifications.

You can search in description and comments by marking everywhere option.

In this section, you can find out exactly what you are looking for.

Attachments: In this section, you can search for tasks that contain a file.

Comment: This section filters your search based on the tasks that have comment.

Everywhere: You can make your search more accurate and search for task descriptions in addition to the title.

Has notifications: This section searches for tasks that have unread notifications.

Search in Timelogs

In this part you can search in timelogs with the filters introduced above.

You can have the lists and total time by your search filters.

Search in Project Conversations

ِYou could search in project conversation rooms, to find the text messages or uploaded files in that room.

You could also choose to see messages from a specific member.

Search by project's name

You can search projects by name in the Home page.

Just click on the search icon in the Home: