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Taskulu Knowledge Base

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Taskulu usage

With Taskulu chat rooms, you never need to use other messaging services. You could chat with your team about each one of yourprojects, inside them. That helps you have everything in one place and collaborate easier with your team. You could enable Taskulu integration with to be able to...
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If you are doing a teamwork or you need to go through the workflow, such asconversations and changes to the workflow and so on, you need to be informed an notified. For this, we have notifications in Taskulu. To find out what the team or project is doing, or get a simple idea of what's happening...
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The easiest way to find atask in your Taskulu projects is to use search filters. The search bar can be used for: . Searching for tasks by task title.Filtering tasks using predefined filters.Searching in task conversations. In Home Page, you could only search in the title of your projects. Searching...
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To find out how the team or project is doing, or if you want to have a simple view of what's happening, you can benefit from the functionality of the activities section; it's a monitoring tool, and depending on your level of access, you can use it differently. This part involves: All the things you...
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Everyone involved in a real-worldprojecthas at least one role and can see or do different things based on their role(s), and that's exactly how things work in Taskulu projects! Teams You can define as many teams in your projects as you need. Each team has a title and you can add member(s) as you...
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Taskulu analytics
You can use Taskulu analytics if you create an organization and upgrade it to the business plan. Notice! If you want exact info from Analytics you have to: 1-Assign tasks 2-Set Deadlines 3-Put the task in the last section of the list when it's finished. (The last section is named "done" by default)...
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We have an option in Taskulu in which you can choose a day of the week and we will send you a weekly report of your projects. weekly reports include how many tasks have been added, the 5 most active users and number of their activities, time logs, members of project and number of active users...
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Exporting data from Taskulu
here are three types of export in Taskulu. Export project data CSV export from Tasks Export from Timelogs Export project data You can now export your project data in Taskulu. The format of this export is JSON, which is suitable for technical usages. This export is for people who want to use this...
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Import Taskulu Projects
You can export projects in JSON format and then import them into Taskulu. This means that you don't need to recreate similar projects. You can create a raw project as a template, and import it into Taskulu for your future projects. To import a project into Taskulu, first export the project, download...
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Video Calls
You can make video calls from tasks and in chatrooms of your projects.You can invite up to 10 team members in each room.To make a video call, first, click the "Call" button on top of tasks or in the chatrooms. After this, a new tab will open in your browser. You see a message on the screen asking...
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