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Working hours

Time logging helps you keep track of the time you spend on a specific task. Timelog could only be used for the tasks that are assigned to you. When a task gets assigned to you, the "Log time" button is enabled, and you could click on it to activate the time tracker. At this point you can close the...
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In Taskulu, there are two ways for you to add your timelogs. One way is to activate log time and let the system automatically save your working hours. you could find more about it from the link below: Logging Work Time The other way is to add your times manually from the project's "Timelogs" section...
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To see your time log reports, click on Timelogs icon in the project sidebar. You can filter your time logs based on individual tasks, lists, dates or labels, and if you're the admin of the project, based on project members as well. Use the search bar on top of the page to filter your timelogs. You...
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