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Changing Language
Changing Language Taskulu is now available in 3 different languages, English , German and Farsi. For changing the language, click on your avatar and go to "My Profile" page and select "Edit" in the "Profile" tab.
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My Profile
To access your profile page, click on your avatar on top of the page and select "My Profile". In this page you can: Change your avatarChange LanguageChange your name, email, and mobile phone number.Edit email settings.Activate two-factor authentication.Connect/Disconnect Integrations with third...
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Changing E-Mail
"For changing your account's email, go to "Profile" and click on "Edit .Enter your new email in the email box, click on save. You will recieve an confirmation email to complete the process. Your E-mail won't change utill you confirm the confirmation email. You can't choose an email address that...
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Change Mobile Number
If you want to use use two step verification with SMS, then you need to enter your phone number in Taskulu. Go to your profile and in the profile tab click on change mobile number. Notice that to enter your mobile number, enter the + sign at the end of your number. for example: 449121234567+ After...
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Changing Password
You can change your password from your profile page. You need your current password to be able to change it from this page. If you dont have it, you need to reset your password. In profile tab click on Change my password In the first part enter your current password and in the next two parts enter...
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Two step authentication
You can increase the security of your account by activating two step authentication For this, go to your profile and click on "Security" tab. Two step authentication has two methods, first approve logins with "google authenticator" code and second approve withcode sent to your cellphone number...
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Notification Settings
In Taskulu, you can change the settings for receiving notifications (within the site) as well as the email reminders. To access this section, open "My Profile" and click on the "Settings" tab.
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